Clearance Limit

A clearance limit shall be described by specifying the name of the appropriate significant point, or aerodrome, or controlled airspace boundary.
When prior coordination has been effected with units under whose control the aircraft will subsequently come, or if there is reasonable assurance that it can be effected a reasonable time prior to their assumption of control, the clearance limit shall be the destination aerodrome or, if not practicable, an appropriate intermediate point, and coordination shall be expedited so that a clearance to the destination aerodrome may be issued as soon as possible.
If an aircraft has been cleared to an intermediate point in adjacent controlled airspace, the appropriate ATC unit will then be responsible for issuing, as soon as practicable, an amended clearance to the destination aerodrome.
When the destination aerodrome is outside controlled airspace, the ATC unit responsible for the last controlled airspace through which an aircraft will pass shall issue the appropriate clearance for flight to the limit of that controlled airspace.

Behnam Bidar

Commercial Pilot Of I.R.I And The Civil Aviation Training Group Supervisor

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Clearance Limit

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